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Family Names Hecht, Haase, Goldbeck, Haese, Triebel Historyof Old Prussi Land,Brandenburg-Prussia, East and West Prussia

Diese Seiten sind in Gedenken an Hubert Joachim Hecht, geb.1936 in Elbing West Prussia
                  In memory of Hubert Joachim Hecht born 1936 in Elbing West Prussia, Wilhelmstrasse 24

Auszuege aus den Kirchenbuechern von Elbing/ West Preussen
(From the church books of Elbing, West Prussia)

 Paul Andreas Haase  geboren 5. Feb 1874  Elbing  kath.  Pfarramt St. Nicolai , Maurer      Heirat 30.7.1899 Behrendshagen

 Taufe: 22. 2. 1874  ,Paten: Carl Meissner, Maurer, Helene Merten, Kaufmannsfrau, August Stockler, Arbeiter,AndreasSteffen,Stellmacher,
                                                       Johann KKawlikowski, Schmied
              Wilhelmine Justine geb. Haese ,11 Nov 1873 Behrendshagen Kreis  Elbing, Ev. Pfarramt zu Trunz,ohne Beruf
              Taufe: 26.12. 1873  Paten: Gottfried Triebel,   Reg. Boehnke, Joh. Christine Meitsch  J  X  i  Triebel,Behrendshagen

 Eltern von Paul:  Andreas Haase ,13. 1. 1848, Engelswalde Kr. Braunsberg ,kath. Kirche

                Heirat Elbing kath. Pfarrkirche St.Nicolai  24.9.1871   Maria Goldbeck 8.2.1852 Elbing ,ev. Kirche Heil. Leichnam

 Eltern der Frau:       Ferdinand Haese               Wilhelmine Triebel

          Weitere Namen im Register: Baumgart:  August Kienast, Anna Wegner,Gottfried Woelk, J. Karau, Reg.  es.  Just, Colmsee, Trunz
             Maibaum:  Abraham Binding, Wilhelmine Schiek, Jacob Winkler, Gottfr. Haese, G.Marienfeld, RBindingReg.Haese,Behrendshagen
                             Gottfried Moeller, ChristineBahtke, Heinr. Berschke, Anna Neumann
             Baumgart:  Regine Maruhn , Joh. Kuehn, Gottfr. Kanz, Peter Colmsee, J Christ. Schulz  J Reg. Colmsee, Elis. Bollow. Bau,gart
             Trunz:        Joh. Gottfr. Stagneth Anna Schieck, ,Johann Witting, Her. Pradloff,  ine Boehnke, Rickenau
             Behrendshagen:  Gottfried Haese  Regine Schroeter,  Heinr. Stech, Gottfr. Kuhn, Jac. Schulz, Doroth. Stagneth, J. Just. Kuhn, Trunz
             Trunz:        Michael Schiek , Regiene Klein   , Michael Schaak, Aug. Gehrmann, Flor. Gehrmann, Flor. Fietkau, Baumgart
        Jacob Schiek , Anna, geb. Schiek   , Jacob Pankrath, Mich. Goerke , Maibaum, St. Colmsee, Baumgart, J Flor. Krause, Stahelau
        Maibaum:  Michael Griehl , Elisabeth Woelk , Gottfried, , Peter Griehl, Gottfr. Woelk, stine Goerke, Reg. Droese, Elis. DroeseMaibaum
                              Johann Zepp, Anna Lenz , Justine Wilhelmine  , Nio. Colmsee, Elcon Kuhn. Elis. Sommer.

Andreas Hase, Tischler,L. Stiedestr. 32, ledig 23, kath. Maria Goldbeck, ledig 19, kath. Trauung 24. 9. 1871, Stadt Elbing  in Engelswalde, Eduard Grisch, Arbeiter, Hammerschmiedgesell. Andreas Hase, Hammerschmiedgesell.

K. Pr. Standesamt Drewshof Kr. Elbing, ,Standesbeamte Alsen, zu Drewshof in Behrendsh.Standesbeamte  Haese, Behrendshagen 14.5.1890

                                 Heinrich Haese, Bauer born bef 1854 , Elbing, Westprussia ,married bef. 1874 .. Westpr
           child:              Justine Haese, Hausfrau. 28 Aug 1874  , Behrendshagen , trunz, Elbing Westpreussen- Prussia
           spouse :         Gottfried  Binding , Bauer   married  24. Oct 1895  , trunz, Elbing, Westpreussen
                                 Gottfried Binding b. 23. Mar 1861 , Pomehrendorf , Elbing, Westpreussen , died 26.Juli 1941, Behrendshagen
           father:             Johann Jacob Bindting , Bauer
           mother:           Elisabeth Grundmann, Hausfrau
                                                     Justine Haese                        married                             Gottfried Binding
            children:         Emil Otto Binding , Bauer  b. 9.Dec 1898 , Behrendshagen , Trunz, Elbing, Westpr.    died  3. Feb  1945
                                 Willy Walter Binding , Bauer, b. 2. Apr 1906 , Behrendshagen, Trunz, Elbing, Westpr.
            spouse:          Elfriede Aust , Hausfrau,  married 17. Dec 1949 , Ellershausen, Hannover, Muenden, NS, NiederSachsen.
                                                                             LDS records, compl. Dr. W. Klein

                Geschichte des Preussenland ,Brandenburg-Prussia, Ost u. West Preussen

                                       History of Old Prussi Land, Brandenburg-Prussia, East and West Prussia

   98 AD

 First written mentioning of  AESTI  (Prussi) tribes at MARE SUEBIUM  by TACITUS in the Agricola and the 
 GERMANIA.  Individual tribes were mentioned centuries earlier by Greek Historians. The BALTIC SEA was named for  the Germanic Tribes of the Suebi-Suevi. A thousand years later the land of Schwaben (Suebi - Sweben) appears.

Suevi were all the Germanic tribes in eastern Germania , that is east of the Elbe to the Memel River.
Aesten Meer  or Ostsee was later called  MARE BALTICUM by  the Catholic Church.
Balten were Royal Goten - Alaric  the Goth  was from the  Royal House of Balti .

 150 AD  AESTI- EASTERNERS ( Prussi) are recorded individually as the GALINDER and SUDAUER - Sudovian tribes
 at the Mare Suebicum - Ostsee - Baltic Sea.
 550 AD Gothic Historian Jordanis recorded the Balticf the Goten Reich- Gothic Empire, which reached from around the coasts of the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Jordanis mentioned a letter and diplomats from the Prussi Land.
 850 AD  BAJUVARIAN  ( Boii , Boemi ) geographers recorded the  BRUS. During Frankish emperor  Charle Magne etc
 Bavarians and Saxons defendended themselves against Frankish  take-overs. Bavarians  later  furnished the emperors, after the Frankish empire was split by the successor sons of Karl der Grosse ( Charle Magne)
 899 AD Ca. 899 to 90l AD Angle Saxon Wulfstan von Haithabu , Juetland ( in Danish Hedeby, Jylland) took a trip along the Baltic Sea and reported to king Aelfred The Great about the Prussai Trading Place  Druso TRUSO at the Drausen Sea, later city of  Elbing 
800-1000  Between  800 and 1000 AD Northmen- Normans- Vikings also came to Old Prussi Land and lived  and married 
 Samlanders in  SAMLAND  (Latin- Sambia).  For thousands of years this has been the main  region for amber
 export. Amber, Bernstein, Burnstein, Brennstein was called Succinum in Greek and simply   G L A E S   by the OldPrussi. 

Today  the people who where  the Communist Military Occupiers brought in by Stalin call Amber  Jantar ..The catholic church records in Latin picked up the native word GLAESUM (latinized  from Glaes) as it was recorded by Roman Empire Historian Tacitus in his 98 AD Agricola and Germania.

 997 AD First  recorded attacks on  Baltic Aesti Old Prussi by soldiers of BOLESLAW I , who came with Vojtech of Prag.
 Times of the Catholic Crusades  against the last " heathens" of Europe had started. It may be said in defense of Boleslaw I that he was an agent of the emperor. Mieszko I and his son Boleslaw I  were the first dukes of the Polanen people. Upon receiving  title of Duke as BROTHER and CO -OPERATOR of the EMPIRE they received LAND IN LIEN,land on loan. This FEUDAL SYSTEM in Europe for many centuries  was the military protective system for the borders of Europe.

 Prussians not wanting to have their land and freedom taken, repelled repeated attacks by Crusaders with  Sword.
 April 997  AD  Voitech Adalbert of Prag , for ten years educated in the cathPolic  Archbishopric Magdeburg under Archbishop Adalbert, went to Poland, then to Prussia. When they disgegarded warnings by the Prussian  Chiefs, not to enter sacred groves, Vojtech Adalbert was " martyred". And soon after Poles declared him a National Hero and Saint. Therefore great  Celebrations all over Poland  in 1997 on St. Adalberts Day in April.

Centuries  of  attacks from mainly the East  brought swarms of armies into Germania.
    375 AD  For centuries the HUNS particularly  under Attila  from Asia caused the Voelkerwanderung - Eurasian Migrations. Massive onslaught of people from Asia .
    475 AD  Alaric the Goths  gives final deathblow to the corrupted decaying Roman Empire. Alaric married imperial Galla 
 Placida. One half of the Roman Empire was Germanic at the time. 
    600 's  Slavs  from the East, The  SARACENES - (Arabs, Moors converted by sword to ISLAM )- attacked from the WEST coming  from Africa to Spain (West Gothic - Suevi ruled) and to the Frankish Empire. 
 Karl Martell  (Charles Martell - THE  HAMMER saves Europe from Islam )
   700's  AVARS  from Asia again from the East.
   800-1000  Northmen, Vikings , from the North , East and West do massive destruction all over Europe, Magyars from the East. While heathen Vikings destroyed  the newly erected churches, christianized Scandinavians pledged allegiance to emperor and pope
    919 AD  Saxon  Ottonian kings and empire. Heinrich, Henry The Fowler & son Otto  Building of  bishoprics, stabilizing towns.
 900 - 1100  Wends , Slavs who had come into Germania up to the rivers Elbe/ Saale and received  territories from the Frankish and German Emperors ,started uprisings against  CHRISTIANIZATION, while the BAPTIZED SLAVS , such as Boleslaw I went on to attack neighbors in order to  "Christianize" them, while taking over the land.

The LAND IN LIEN or LAND ON LOAN which Boleslaw I was supposed to rule , while being a BROTHER and CO-OPERATOR  of the Emperor (Otto) included the Land of the SILINGER GAUE and was south of the Prussi, south of the Netze River between the Oder and Warthe  River.The Polanen , the people of the fields,  came  from the Kiev area into the Basin  between the Vistula and  Warthe River. Land in Lien meant, that it is Imperial Land and when a ruling house died out, the land  reverted back to the Empire.
 Silinger  were Germanic Vandali-Lugier (Keltic) tribes of Germania, who Silesia-Schlesien was named after.

 999  AD

 It was around the turn of the century and  many people believed that they would not survive the Millennium turn.
 A great many land lien -holders gave their land to the Church, some  to receive it back as Lien from the POPE. Apparently Boleslaw I did this.  ( I have read this, but do not have a confirmation  H.H.H.)
  1000 AD   Great gathering of Emperor Otto III  and Boleslaw I 
  1158  AD.  German Tradesmen founded the Hanseatic trade city of RIGA  at the Baltic Sea in Livonia, Livland, today Latvia
  1201  AD   Archbishop Albert von Buxthoeven designates Riga as a city.  VISBY on Gotland is mother city to Riga.
   1178 AD   OLIVA is founded at Dan(t)zig , Monk CHRISTIAN  Bishop of Prussi Land (To convert Prussi to Christianity)
 Various tries by various "Coverters" follow again , such as by CONRAD of MASOVIA.
 Being converted to Christianity meant having Homeland Taken over by Pope, as Prussi had already found out, when some Prussi Chiefs had been Baptized. Upon then having the Homeland taken, they  - REVERTED - changed back to Native Nature Believe of thundergod PERKUNOS and of DEIW, Diewas, Pikullos, etc.
   1226 AD  and 1234 AD  GOLDEN BULLAS  -Papal Orders for  Baltic Crusades and  Take-Over of   Prussi Land
 into Papal Possession.  Interregnum  - Emperorless time and  Richard Cornwallis ,an Englishmen as King of Germany.
 60  years of  RESISTANCE  by PRUSSIANS  against the Crusaders from all over Europe ended in
 PRUSSILAND being christianized and governed by the Teutonic Knights- Deutscher Orden., who despite
 having the name Deutsch- German are  under the direct Orders of the Pope and are made Imperial Knights.
 The knights  are assigned  to defend  Europe  from the Muslims. The  Eastern Imperial city of Constantinople fell
 Teutonic Knights are a HOSPITALLER ORDER.They were originally created in Palestine by German Pilgrims
 to the Holy Land.. They build cities and Hospitals etc. and improved  agriulture.
 They recorded the most ancient of languages of Indo- European the OLD PRUSSIAN LANGUAGE, which is
  1243 AD  Old Prussi Land is divided into four bishoprics : Kulmerland, Ermland (Warmia) , Pomesanien , Samland.
 It came  under the Archbishop of Riga.
   1440  AD   HANSE cities  ELBING , DANTZIG , THORN formed the PREUSSISCHE BUND, Prussian Confederation
 to  get free of the Pope.When the excesses of the catholic church became too unbearable and all the money collected from  German  lands  went to Rome, people started uprisings. It took however  till 1525 to have the first protestant state in Europe. The Archbishops did not want to loose the nice cash income from the selling of indulgence papers either.
   1454 AD  Teutonic Knights are put under  suzerainty by Polish king Casimir IV, a Lithuanian and his wife Elisabeth of Habsburg. The Polish Piasts had died out in 1370 AD and the Jagiellos from Lithuania and the Habsburgs took on the task continuing Poland, which otherwise would seethe to exist ( Feudal law).
 Under ALBRECHT von Brandenburg-Ansbach ,Hohenzollern, Teutonic Order Grandmaster , Prussia
 became Protestant Lutheran . Duke Albrecht took off the Teutonic Order  robe and  the eastern part of  Prussia
 became Ducal Prussia. The western part of Prussia became Royal Prussia and remained  Catholic, such
 as Ermland (in latin Warmia) . Feudal Law required an overlord for protectional alliances and the imperial
 duke Albrecht von Brandenburg, got his mother's brother Sigismund I . Sigismund was the son of Elisabeth
 Habsburg and Casimir IV. Casimir was from the royal Lithuanian House of Jogailla. They ruled Lithuania   and
 also  ruled as kings of Poland, since the Polish Piasts had died out in 1370.
Teutonic Knights , Kurfuersten- Electors and  kings of Poland  pleadged allegiance to  Emperors.
    1525 AD   Teutonic Knights Grand Masters also pledged allegiance to Pope and some to kings of Poland
 Since  that time the Hohenzollern Imperial House also ruled Brandenburg . 1525 the Kurfuerst  of  Brandenburg  ( Imperial Prince Elector)   remained  Catholic and supported the Pope. The elector made his son's sign Affidavids that they will remain Catholic also and  Brandenburg with them. But by the 1550's  Brandenburg and the sons of the Electors became Lutheran.
    1568  AD   Albrecht von Brandenburg Prussia Hohenzollern died after a long succesful life as duke of Prussia. Despite the ban of the Pope and  the  Emperor , which did not seem to have affected him and the land  too greatly.
    1618  AD   Since that time  Brandenburg- Prussia  is  One  State.

 The Frankish  and the Schwabian Hohenzollern Branch of the Imperial Family took over the Government  of  Prussia     after  by 1618 the Prussian  Hohenzollern Line died out.

Western part of Prussia or Royal Prussia - Koeniglich Preussen, which later was called West-Prussia ,remained under the rule of the Bishops. The Bishop of Ermland  was  also Bishop of Samland and even, thought the land was under suzerainty of the King  of Poland  ( Lithuanian Jogailla- Habsburger, the Swedish Vasa kings and the Saxon Imperial Electors)  it was  independend with seperate government, coins, court systhem etc. and no foreign troups , including Polish, were allowed to enter. Various kings or bishops etc tried to annex though, which was not legal.
     1701  AD  The Hohenzollern Imperial Electors, Dukes of Brandenburg- Prussia became Kings in  Prussia
    1772 AD   The Eastern and the Western parts of Prussia, Ducal and the Royal Prussia ,were finally freed of the political joke
 around  the  neck, symbolized by the Black Prussian Eagle having to carry a small S , when Frederick II The Great
 reunited Prussia politically again..Independent city states of the  Hanseatic Liga Prussian cities now became a part of the Kingdom of Prussia.
 This  RE-UNITING of Prussia  was by someone  called  the 1. Partition of Poland.

This caused  misunderstanding and confusion.
 The socalled 1. Partition of Poland in 1772 was in reality the  Re-uniting  of East and  West Prussia which  previously were continously one  land  for 1700 years  and remained one  land   even under different political and religious overlord systems. To  state  that  Frederik II  the G reat  of  Prussia received Polish land  as you often read, is absurd, because he did not receive any Polish land  ,but as the King of Prussia he ruled  Prussian land.

 The western part of Prussia was  christianized from the west, from  Pommern , Pomerellia -Danzig ,  while
 the eastern part - Ducal Prussia(  East- Prussia) was christianized from the East - from the archbishop of
 RIGA in Livland- Livonia (today Latvia) directly under the Pope.

 1871 AD

 From 1415  to 1918  the Imperial House of Hohenzollern ruled Brandenburg and the Teutonic State of Prussia ,governed the State of Brandenburg- Prussia since 1618 and became Kings of Prussia in 1701. They held other lands also in Franconia ,Swabia, Rhineland area  etc.Therefore Prussians were pretty much at home in many German  lands.  East or West Prussians however remained  TOHUS that is at home  in the Heimatland  and each summer tourists came on vacation to theBaltic Sea or Ostsee to the enchanted Bernstein Amber  Land at the end of the world,  where the sun takes a bath  in the sea...

 The King of Prussia took on the added burden of the Deutsche Reich - German Empire Crown. This brought on
 widespread jealosies by countries wanting to be world powers. Heads of States , Kings and  Royal Family members in many countries were murdered. The massive  forced abdications of Kings reads like an Agatha Christy  type story of : Who's doing  away will all the Royals."  It  is  peculiar  to realize  that   " T H E   BOOK  , that is  "THE  BIBLE " reveals similar 1000 yearly occurances.
 By 1920  Prussia was  the Free State of Prussia and part of the  WEIMAR REPUBLIC.

    1932 AD   July 20 , 1932  in Berlin the  Prussian government under Otto Braun was ousted by Hitler troops  Staats-Streich
 ( Military Coup ).

    1947 AD 

    1999 AD
 Prussia is abolished by Military Occupation Forces  of  the Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain and
 France.  The Allied Control Council  illegally sanctions the military expulsion of many millions of people, 
 over which they are governing. 
 In 1999 this land illegally occupied by military forces since 1945/ 47/49  is 
 still  under occupation  and not yet returned to the original population .
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