Small Christmas Star Wreath Holder Stand

Small Christmas Star Stand Set with Wreath
Includes hand crafted star stand, decorated wreath, candle holders and candles. $34, s/h 8.90 priority


Small Christmas Star Stand with Candles

Same as above without wreath. Comes with four candles and candle holders. Approx. 12" h. $26,  s/h 6.90 priority

Old German City and Town Engraving Reprints

Hannover - Old German Cities and Towns Engraving ReprintsHannover Old City Engraving Reprint Copy framed. Approx. 8" x 10". Other German towns and cities available, such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg, etc. Email Helga for more information at . $10, s/h $5.50 priority

Old World Europe - Tapestries and Beer Steins

German Beer Steins with old city scenes- click to see larger picture  

Beer Steins - Authentic German beer steins!
 Steins have beautiful old landscapes with engraved pewter lids. $70, s/h $6.50


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Traditional German Style Advents Christmas Wreath Holders and Wreaths

Beer Steins from Germany

Old German City and Town Engraving Reprints

Traditional Advent Wreath
German traditional Christmas celebrations include a simple pine 'Adventskranz' with four red candles. One candle is lit each Sunday before Christmas until Christmas eve. when all four candles are lit. This 'everlasting' 18" wreath comes decorated with pine cones,  festive fruit and a touch of gold ribbon. Candle holders and four candles are included. Hand made in USA. $19.50, S/H $9.50

Pictures include additional sprigs of fresh pine. Add your own fresh pine, cedar or holly sprigs to bring the fragrance of nature inside! Please exercise caution around open fire.

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Christmas Star Wreath Holder
This festive red lacquered wreath holder is an original design based on traditional German Christmas wreath holders. A shiny red star tops the hand crafted wood holder. Red ribbons are included to hang your wreath. Hand made in U.S.A. Approx. 16" h. $29, UPS or USPS S/H $8.50

Traditional Christmas Star Wreath Holder and Wreath Set
This set comes ready to display to add a colorful touch of old world tradition to your Christmas festivities. The hand crafted wood holder comes with a wreath, ribbons, and candles.* Made in U.S.A. $45, S/H $11.50

*According to old German Christmas tradition, one candle is lit each Sunday before Christmas eve. as the family gathers around reading poems and singing Christmas carols. On Christmas eve. "Bunte Teller" colorful plates filled with gingerbread, nuts, apples, oranges and chocolates are placed on the table and all four candles are lit as the family gathers around. 

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Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle Grande Tapestry, 56" x 80" Made in USA, special order.

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