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Rescue a Shelter Dog or Cat
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California Animal Shelters & Rescue
A, B, E, F, L, M, O, S, Y

Help prevent unwanted litters, find lowcost spaying and neutering for dogs and cats at 1-800-248-SPAY (7729)

NEW! Post and read about animal adoption and care in our new Animal Rescue and Care BBS.

Junior and friends at the Sacramento Animal Shelter need a good home!Taffy and friends at the Sacramento Animal Shelter need a good home!
60% of most pound animals will be euthanized  (killed) because there are not enough homes for them. But besides just faceless statistics, I want to tell you about my personal experience with these animals to put a face on the numbers ...

Click to see dogs at the Sacramento Animal Shelter that need a good home!"One tiny white dog with wet hair and sad, desperate dark eyes, lay ill shivering violently on the floor. She looked at me as if imploring if I would be her salvation. Next to her, in line to be euthanized, the others did the same. An officer was not far behind with blankets. It broke my heart that I could not help them all" . ...and so I've made these web pages hoping that it's message will reach other caring people and we can make a difference in rescuing one more animal, and then one more, like the shivering dog that I could not rescue and the countless others that I can not get out of my mind. Read the whole story

Please don't let sadness keep you away from the animal shelter! It is a terrible tragedy that our "civilized" society kills thousands upon thousands of animals, but you will also experience tremendous joy at knowing that you are providing a loving home to a shelter animal and you will be greeted at the pound by bright eyed, eager, tail wagging animals who will appreciate your attention. From my experience, the humans at the pound were also quite helpful and happy to help with adoptions! When you are feeling overwhelmed, please remember The Boy and the Starfish.

If you're ready to rescue a dog or cat and provide them with the love, care and training that they need, you'll be rewarded with a loving and loyal pet. It takes work, but it's worth it! See our tips and training aides to make the job easier. Read about Mysti's pound pup adventures, here. And find a shelter near you below. If you don't find your area, please check your local phone book. Feel free to send me new listings. I welcome your email! -- Susan

California Shelters & Rescue
A, B, E, F, L, M, O, S, Y

Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter
11251 B Avenue
(530) 886-5539

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society
2700 Ninth St.
(510) 845-7735

Beverly Hills
The Amanda Foundation
(310) 278-2935

Animal Match (So. Calif.)
Seeking homes for beautiful animals whose time is running out.

Sequoia Humane Society
6073 Loma Avenue
(707) 444-1782

Central California SPCA
103 S. Hughes Ave.
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 233-SPCA

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Shelter / Administration
5026 West Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: 1-888-SPCA-LA1 (So. Cal.)
Phone: (323) 730-5300 (National)
Fax: (323) 730-5333

List of spcaLA area shelters

Los Angeles County
Animal Care Center
216 W. Victoria
Carson, California
(310) 523-9566 

Friends of Animals Foundation
2336 Sepulveda Blvd.
(310) 479-5089

Animal Match (So. Calif.)
Seeking homes for beautiful animals whose time is running out.

Merced County Animal Control
2080 Grogan Avenue
(209) 725-3647

Stanislaus County Department of Animal Services
2846 Finch Road

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Thank you for visiting  and making a difference for animals!

Mt Shasta
Siskiyou Humane Society
1208 N Mt Shasta Blvd

Golden Gate English Springer Spaniel Rescue
4016 Canon Avenue

West End Shelter For Animals
1010 E. Mission Blvd.
 (909) 947-3517

County of Sacramento Animal Care & Regulation
4290 Bradshaw Road
Sacramento, CA 95827 (916) 368-7387

Santa Rosa
Sonoma County Animal Regulation
1247 Century Ct
(707) 524-7100

Delta Humane Society
4590 S. Hwy. 99
(209) 466-0331

Yuba City
Pet Lifeline
749 Sutter St.
(530) 755-1437 

Nationwide Shelters (U.S.)

Pet Rescue, Inc.
3440 NW 191 Street.
Miami, Fla. 33056
(305) 621-8354
A no kill shelter

Nationwide Links

Want to list your shelter? Please email the info. to me.

Also see Petsville for other shelters and humane societies in the US, UK, and Canada.

Read animal stories and letters from readers in Adopting a Pound Pup.

The Boy and the Starfish
I want to share this story with you:

A man walked down the beach, noticing thousands of starfish on the shore. He came across a boy who, recognizing that the starfish would die out of the water, was one by one, throwing them back in the water. He asked the boy what possible difference his efforts could make, given there were so many starfish. The boy paused, looked at the starfish in his hand and answered, "It makes a difference to this one." -original author unknown.

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed at not being able to help all creatures in need, but we have the chance to make a tremendous difference in the life of at least one.

If you are considering getting a dog or cat, why not check out your local pound? Don't support puppy mills! There are lovely and loyal animals at the pound who would love to find a good home!

Training Aides
Click here for information on obedience training and crate training.

Pet Life
Pet Life
Free sample copy.

Pet Life is for pet owners interested not only in companion animals, but also in the larger animal kingdom. The magazine's articles explore the emotional and socially helpful way that humans relate to animals.

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