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Welcome to CrystalBay Solar Natural Living - Innovative Solar Products, Solar Lights, Solar Fountains, Solar Panels, and more!
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CrystalBay supports US business! This item is made with pride in the USA. Your purchase supports small business and workers in the USA. Thank you!!Support US workers. Our Hummingbird & Angel throws are made in the USA!

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Welcome to CrystalBay.net, Solar Living, Home and Garden, Gifts, Web Design and Development

CrystalBay Solar Natural Living - Innovative Solar Products, Solar Lights, Solar Fountains and Gifts!Above: Solar Water Fountain, Hummingbird Throw, Natural Cotton Throw,,Stainless Solar Lights

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We've got some Bright Ideas!

 Solar Dynamo 'hand crank' Radio Solar Water Fountains Solar Fairy Garden Lights Angel Throw

Manual 46 X 60-Inch Throw, Basketweave Heart in Natural Cotton

Solar Panel Starter Kit 100W Monocrystalline:Solar Panel+Solar cables+Charge Controller


"The SUN with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it,can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else to do" -Galileo

Make Your Own Free Garden Compost

We composting! Why? It's simple. Take your vegetable food scraps (veggies, fruit, egg shells; no meat or fat), throw them on a pile of dirt. Dig it under. Mix in some dry leaves and twigs, tea bags and coffee ground you have. Keep adding to it and shovel dirt over.

In a few months, thanks to some busy little earth worms, you have nutrient rich FREE compost for your flowers and vegetable garden!

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CrystalBay dogs and solar panel soaking up the sun

Your purchase from this site helps feed our wonderful little zoo of rescued dogs, cat that has adopted and trained us, as well as our human family. Above, dogs and solar spot light soak up the sun. Below, pond water fountain is powered by solar panel.

Whenever possible CrystalBay showcases green items such as solar, organic and recycled products, as well as items made in the USA to support US workers. Our natural cotton throws and beautiful Angel of Light art throws and angel wall hangings are made in the USA.

Find information on compassionate and sustainable living as well as goods that are powered by the sun's solar energy! Learn about cool things such as making your own solar system, easy to set up solar water fountains, and home made vegan dog food! You will find beautiful hand made items and pure toiletries without animal fats or harsh chemicals. This gorgeous Metal Sealife Art is hand made from recycled steel drums.

Thank you for visiting CrystalBay.net. Have a wonderful day!

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Solar Water Fountains - click to see larger solar fountain picture!


Welcome to CrystalBay Solar Natural Living - Innovative Solar Products, Solar Lights, Solar Fountains, Solar Panels, and more!

CrystalBay strives to promote compassion for the Earth, people and animals. We provide affordable, easy to use renewable energy solutions and sustainable living products and information for healthy and compassionate living.

We want to build a healthy planet for our children's future today. Our children is not just meant in biological terms, but as in all of our planet's children. CrystalBay Solar Natural Living combines technology with "greenology" to promote peaceful and sustainable living through clean, renewable energy solar goods, responsible and humane products, and recycling.

One of the most important things we can ask ourselves is "What do we want to leave our children, the planet, and future generations?" Our answer is a healthy planet and compassionate societies.

In addition to being mindful of the future, we believe in living mindfully today--appreciating all the beauty and wonder around us. In an increasingly challenging society, we can build little sanctuaries of beauty and peace--Paradise at home. On CrystalBay.net in this little corner of cyber-space, you will find resources and goods, such as our innovative solar lights and solar water fountains, and more, to help you turn your space on this planet into a relaxing, rejuvenating, retreat and refuge from our often hectic world--Your own little Paradise at home.

Our lives today are woven into our children's children's future. We want to leave them a planet where they can enjoy clean water, fresh air, the joys of freedom and nature, and peace.

Ordering and Shipping Information

We accept credit card orders online through PayPal secure servers. We also welcome mail orders with US check or money order. Check orders will need up to 10 days to clear before shipping. Most orders ship UPS or USPS. International customers: please contact us for shipping rate if not stated as there will be an extra international postage charge. Please note: There is a 20% restocking fee if merchandise is returned. No cash refunds--Exchange or merchandise credit only. Shipping and handling fee is non-refundable. If customer returns item, they are responsible for shipping.

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Email info@crystalbay.net

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World Flag with NASA picture of Earth, FREE with purchase!Peace flag, Free with purchase!

 World, Peace Flag Order $100 or more from CrystalBay.net and receive a free 3 x 5 feet flag! $19.99 value. Also available: USA, Rainbow Peace, POW. Please note in your online order "Free Flag" and the design you'd like. Click for more info. or to purchase a flag.

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  Cool New Solar Products! 6/14-Little solar panel charges your cell phone and devices from the sun! 

Solar Panel Starter Kit 100W Monocrystalline:100W Solar Panel UL 1703 Listed+2 20' Solar cables+PWM 30A Charge Controller+ Uniquely Designed Z Bracket Mounts Only $184.99!

As seen above...

Natural Cotton Throw - Click to see larger pictureSpecial - Natural Cream Cotton Throw

This beautiful, natural cream color 100% cotton afghan blanket is woven in the USA. The fine quality two layer textured throws are woven by one of America's premiere weavers in pretty heart weave design with fringe edge.Generous size can be used as couch/chair throw or bed blanket. Rich, natural cream color cotton goes well with many decors and many colors. Soft, thick throw is great inside or outdoors on cool evenings. Only $29.78 Manual 46 X 60-Inch Throw, Basketweave Heart in Natural Cotton

Solar Rock Fountain
-Customer Favorite! Dolphin & Whale Art Beach Towels,
Solar Radio w/ Flashlight & Siren New Solar Rainbow Color Changing Lights!

Think PINK for Valentine's Day and eveyday!
 Our Pink Ribbon Scarf is made in the USA!

Pink Ribbon Scarf Tapestry Made in USA Supports Breast Cancer Foundationpink ribbon scarf made in usa
Beautiful tapestry weave. A portion of sale benefits the Breast Cancer Foundation

Special $14.95 retail $19.99, sh $4.50


Solar Rock Water Fountain Set

A relaxing garden water fountain powered by the sun!

Turn any spot in your garden into a little bit of paradise with CrystalBay's solar water fountain rock pump set. This solar water pump is perfect for a sunny spot in your garden or patio. Very easy to set up!--Just place the fountain pump in a basin, bird bath or small pond, place the solar rock with solar panel in the sun and you have a beautiful and relaxing water fountain powered by the sun! Compare at $45, CrystalBay sale only $29.99! SH $12.50

   solar water fountain rock click to see larger picture!
Solar Fountain Rock specifications (click picture to see larger image):

Advanced multicrystalline 1.2 W silicon solar panel
Solar Panel Dimensions: 5" W x 3" L x 1/4" D
DC 6-9 Volt submersible pump
Maximum Water Lift Height: 0.9 Meter (abt. 18"-28" lift depending on sun)
Maximum Flow Rate: 200 L/H
Includes 5 meter (abt. 15 ft.) cable
Comes with attachment heads for various waterfall effects

Also see CrystalBay's larger
solar fountains and conventional water fountains.

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