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About Amber

What a sunset! Amber is a wonderful gemstone that comes in varying hues of light golden yellow to deep rich amber color. It feels warm to the touch unlike most gems that feel cool.

The ancient Germanic peoples called amber "Bernstein" which means "burning stone" because of the gemstone's warmth and ability to burn.

Amber formed millions of years ago from the resin of pine trees. Much of it is found in the Baltic Sea coasts of Germany, and what is now Poland, where it has played an important role in ceremony and international trade since times prehistoric.

Prized throughout the ancient world, this gemstone was, and still is, cherished by Northern Europeans during the long, dark winters as a symbol of the warmth of the sun and the coming spring. But it's wonderful to wear year 'round striking with contrasting cool sterling silver on suntanned skin.

Amber also has electrical properties, a reason the Romans called it "Electra." Some rare and valuable pieces contain prehistoric fauna or insects encased forever within the stone.

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