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                Baltic Sea Refugees
              Between   1944 to 1948/49  over   15 Million   Refugees - Expellees
              were forcibly removed from the lands south of the Baltic Sea -of
              Eastern German- Prussian Lands. Millions of people from Ukraine,
              Poland ,Russia , Tchecheslowakia  were brought into these German

              To this day the Governments -The Allied Control Council -  which
              administered these Lands under Military Occupation between 1945
              to 1948 and 50 years thereafter are silent and do not acknowledge
              the 2 1/2 Million Germanic people that died during this  resettlement.
              They were mostly  women and children .
              This is almost never mentioned  by the Official Governments involved
              except by a very rare individual   as  " peaceful resettlement" .

               Hitler had in 1932 by Military take-over ousted the Prussian Govern-
               ment under Otto Braun . The Allied Control Council did the rest.
               The lands are still occupied - not returned to the original population

               Complicity of the Western Allies with the Communists  50 years ago
               made  recurring "Resettlements in the Balkans" possible in the 1990's.


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