Jonat  -  Hecht

Family  History  and  Genealogy

Ahnenforschung  , Familien Geschichte

The purpose of  my collecting  family history
by bits and pieces in the last few years was
to eventually get a connecting story.
I did not believe it possible to ever find 
marriage, death or birth certificates
I tried for any actual document. 
     I started out without written records 
     I had never seen a photo of my father's or
     my late husbands's birth record  or place.
  These birth places could not be found on a
   map. The countries were stolen and wiped 
   off maps for decades.
     PRUSSIA-Ostsee Geschichte       In Deutsch Prueseen-Ostsee Geschichte auf Deutsch     Jonat - Hecht Genealogy
PRUSSIA-Baltic History  English Prussia Baltic History and Genealogy in English.

          Now after the Fall of Communism the chance for being able to once
          again get personal identification documents such as a birthcertificate
          suddenly became a possibility, which for 50 years was unthinkable.
 Cities of Birth:     Elbing   Danzig       Pillkallen     Tilsit - Ragnit  Berlin
The Hansa League, Hanseatic League, Baltic Sea, Germany

   Illustration from National Geographic Society Baltic Amber Fisher HansaCities  at   Baltic Sea    Red   Dots
      Hansa Cities around the Baltic Sea
      Cities of Elbing /near Danzig , Behrendshagen in WestPr. and Pillkallen in  East PRVSSIA
      were governed since Baltic Crusades  by the Knights of the Pope - The Teutonic Knights

      In 1525 Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach secularized Prussia  as independent Protestant
      State, after the people of Prussia rejected the Papal Catholic Rule of the Teutonic Knights.
      Take-Over  attempts  by  the Kings of Poland were also successfully repelled.

      Prussia became the first Protestant State under the  Imperial  Electors  of Brandenburg
      the Frankish  - Swabian - Brandenburg - Prussian  Hohenzollern from 1414 - 1918 AD.

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