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Solar Rechargeable Lantern
Click to read information and to order the Solar Lantern.Special $65, reg. $74.99

Take this cool Solar Lantern along on your next outdoor adventure! Great for camping, expeditions, or to keep in the car or house for emergencies. This innovative Solar Rechargeable Lantern has a built in solar panel. Charge in the sun during the day for lighting at night! Built in blocking diode in the circuit prevents battery discharge when not in the sun. Adjustable stand allows you angle the solar panel to face the sun for optimal charging. Place the solar panel facing south in unshaded sun for best charge. A transparent carrying case is included to protect the solar lantern from water. An adjustable belt strap is also included for convenient carrying. Features:

  1. Continuous fluorescent
  2. Torch incandescent (searchlight)
  3. Blinking warning light for roadside repairs or emergencies
  4. Lights run 4 to 40 hours on one charge!
Can be powered by solar energy, alkaline batteries or AC/DC adapter (optional). Four spare lamps are included in spare lamp compartment. 2 lbs., Approx. 12" high. Special $65, reg. $74.99, Shipping & handling $9.50

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CrystalBay note: This is a great little solar lantern!  We keep one in
a sunny window to charge and
keep it ready for trips and
power outages.

CrystalBay.net is so
confident that you will
enjoy your CrystalBay Solar purchases that we have a
money back guarantee
on our items.
Order and inspect for two days.
If you are not fully satisfied
you may return to us
in original condition
for a full refund
(minus shipping).

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