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Solar Village

Solar Power Array Kits
Renewable Solar Power for RV, Outdoors, Cabin
Solar Traveler Kit 32, ideal kit for RV, boating, cabins, $359
iconiconSolar Traveler Kit 64, more powerful kit for RV, boating, cabins, $629icon

About Photo Voltaics
Solar Radios
Solar Panels and Rechargeable Batteries
Small Battery Chargers & Ni-Cads
S.O.S. Emergency Hammer
Solar Power Array Kits
for home, RV, outdoors
Solar Lights
Outdoor & Emergency Gear
Home & Garden
Natural Health & Beauty
Natural Clothing

Great Deals
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 Solar Village 
Virtual Beach
Fun 'n Games
Galleries, Shops
Crystal Inspiration Cafe
Passport Travel
Global Issues
Animal Rescue and Care
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