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Solar Powered Anti-Mosquito Guard


Solar Powered Mosquito Guard Set of Two

Special $17.99, reg. $21.00.

Keep the mosquitoes away with an ultra high frequency sound wave, barely audible to the human ear. Charge in the sun during the day with the built-in solar panel, then switch to "on" position evenings when those pesky mosquitoes come out. Handy key chain style clips onto your keys or belt loop. Keep one in your vehicle and one in a sunny window in your house. Take them along on your next camping or fishing trip, or use one while gardening. We've tried them and they work out here in California! Give 'em a try and let us know how you like them. Wish I had one of these while out in the Florida Everglades years ago! Shipping and handling $6.50.

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Use the free energy of the sun to power a water fountain or cool your greenhouse or tent! See our innovative Solar Water Fountains and Solar Fans

Solar Water Fountains! -- Hot stuff for summer and year 'round...

Solar Water Fountains - click to see larger solar fountain picture!

These innovative solar powered water fountain pumps come with a high efficiency solar panel, 6 Volt DC water pumps and various attachment heads for different fountain spray. Just place the water pump in your pond or birdbath, fill with water, and place the solar panel in the sun. The water pumps automatically when the sun shines on the solar panel!  Very cool! For best operation place the solar panel in direct, un-shaded sun facing south towards the sun. Our solar fountains shoot a spray of water up to 2 ft. high on the smaller model and up to 40 inches high on the larger model!! Very easy to set up and use!


Solar Water Fountain Pump

  • Comes with durable advanced amorphous solar panel

  • Includes 4 fountain heads

  • Water pump is adjustable 30-60 GP, water flow capacity to 180 L/h

  • Up to 20" water lift height in direct sun

  • May be connected to 3/8" tubing for use in your water fountain statuary

  • 15 ft. cable from pump to solar panel

This solar powered water fountain has everything you need. Just place the solar panel in the sun. Place the water pump in your bird bath, pond or water basin, and the sun's energy powers the water fountain! Fast, easy set up!

 Special $44.99, Reg. $59.99, s/h $9.50 priority.  


  • 5 Watt Solar Panel

  • 6V DC Pump Operation Voltage

  • Water Lift Height Up To: 40 inches

  • Water Flow Capacity: 360 L/h

  • Cable Length: 15 Feet

  • Solar Panel Dimensions: approx. 1" x 12" x 18"

  • Comes with various fountain heads

  • Aluminum Solar Panel Bracket

  • Great solar water pump for your fountain or pond

  • The solar panel can also be used to trickle charge a rechargeable battery

For outdoor use. This innovative solar water pump is powered directly from the sun. For best operation place the solar panel in full, un-shaded sun. The solar water fountain pumps when the sun shines on the solar panel!

Special $94.99, reg. $120, s/h $16 UPS or DHL  

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Generate your own energy from the sun! Solar FAQs Click for commonly asked Solar Energy Questions and Answers.

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Solar Products - Solar Fan Kits! Cooling fan runs from the sun with attached solar panel!

Keep your cool with CrystalBay's Solar Fans. Our solar fans come with a solar panel to harness the sun's free energy to power the fan. Great for outdoor expeditions, camping, air circulation in greenhouses, pottery kilns, or on the beach! The solar panel can also be used to trickle charge a rechargeable battery or power other 12V electronics. Try one and we're sure you'll be a fan too! (Couldn't resist.) Solar Fans


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