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CrystalBay Solar Dynamo AM/FM Radios

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AM/FM Shortwave Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight and Siren

 Special $24.99, reg. $29.99

This Solar Dynamo radio picks up AM/FM, TV, and Shortwave, plus has a nice powerful, built in flash light with emergency siren (flashing light and sound) feature. Charge it with the solar panel on top or use the hand crank to generate power. This is a nice, sturdy yet light light weight portable solar radio to take along everywhere. Great for emergency or camping!

  • Solar powered with built-in solar panel!

  • Dynamo (hand crank) powered!

  • Also Battery powered and battery charger

  • Radio, flashlight and siren in one!

  • 10 hours of solar charging = 12 hours radio play time

  • 100 crank rotations = 6 minutes radio play time

Radio has built in Ni-cad batteries and red and yellow light covers stored in extra battery compartment. Optional accessories available include additional Ni-Cad Rechargeable batteries, supersonic earplugs, AC/DC adapter, 12 volt car charging cable, stereo mini speakers. Approx. 9" length. Available in SILVER.

Cart will add SH 9.50, 2nd SH only 5.00 ea. addtl. radio 

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Customer Comment...
"I love that little yellow radio more than any computer, television, automobile or, at times, most of my immediate family. My husband gave me the radio for Christmas last year. I told him where to find it, tho. I am a letter carrier and I have used it everyday, all day, when I am working and all day in my yard on my days off and have never purchased another battery. I plug it in at night and if I forget for one night it works just fine. Unfortunately I dropped it on the cement driveway and as a result the volume control is a bit wacky but that was my fault and I think it is great that it still works at all. You may use my name as a testimonial any time.


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