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Amazing natural Baltic Amber!

For healing, protection and warmth

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Click if you dare for spooky Halloween fun!Inspiration & Scribes Corner Hang out with our Freedom Writers

One of our Freedom Writers just returned from Deutschland (Germania to you Romans) and the ancient Gothic, family Teutonic Knight hauntings in old Prussia. Read the photojournalist story online (hint: there are compelling pleas for peace in there -- though you probably won't listen! Nobody ever listens! :^( (O.K. well maybe YOU will! -- Bless You!) Peace is harder than war... Here's the story... 

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See the adorable genuine Baltic Amber Spider pin and more in CrystalBay Amber Treasures!Amber Spider Pin Add a festive amber spider to your sweater or hat this fall. 1 1/2" sterling silver with genuine amber stones! Reg. $35. Special $19.00 s/h $3.50

Find more amber in CrystalBay Amber Treasures

Blessings of a good harvest and Happy Halloween!
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risk for spooky Halloween fun!

What did this old, 18th century dead guy say about men and animals??? See answer below...

Sagas and Short Stories of Inspiration

The Boy and the Starfish
A Mother's Day 1945
A Lighthouse

Oh, by the way, Peace is Patriotic, War is Idiotic!  (If I put pictures of half naked chicks on this page will you pay attention!?)

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Welcome! Come on in and sit for a spell.

 Gargoyle Smoking Water Fountain  

Gargoyle Smoking Water Fountain
Gargoyles have served as protectors of grand castles and ancient cathedrals. Now, CrystalBay's captivating Gargoyle Fountain and Fogger also serves as a beautiful water accent focal point for your modern castle gardens and rooms.

Water and fog 'smoke' pour out of this charming gargoyle's mouth! Tilt the head back at night and you will see a delightfully scary red light glowing in its mouth from the ultrasonic fogger! Very mysterious and fun Gothic water sculpture. 17.5"x16.5"x14.5" height; Heavy, granite stone-like cast gargoyle fountain includes resin octagon basin, flow adjustable fountain pump, and quality ultrasonic fogger with UL-transformer and cables. $95/set, reg. $148, 20 lbs. ships UPS ground $21 s/h 

I've noticed it's always Halloween in this cafe throughout the year! I've been busy updating my other pages and neglecting this one... As Oingo Boingo says "Everyday is Halloween." ;^) - Katinka

A Novel to Sear Your Heart

I believe that my sagas will touch your heart, and, possibly your soul. In any event, I feel compelled, driven (near the point of madness) to tell you these unbelievable, yet true stories. As if guided by an unknown hand, I must tell these stories... for the millions that no longer have a voice, the individuals who suffered and triumphed, those who survived against all hope, and those poor souls vanquished and erased from their homelands and existence itself. If I do not stick a burning hot poker into your heart I have failed, but I believe you will not be untouched by my unlikely heroes. And, you will be appalled not by the bad that evil men do (as that is expected), but by the evil that 'good' men are capable of. It is not what you think. Perhaps, even, your own sense of truth and justice will be challenged.

(to be continued...) 

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"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." -- Eighteenth century philosopher Immanuel Kant

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"LONG LIVE FREEDOM!" -- shouted White Rose member Hans Scholl as he was being executed by guillotine.

Peace is patriotic! (Yes, I said it once and I'll say it again.) War is idiotic.

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