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Shop CrystalBay's beautiful New 2002 Sun & Water, Summer, Autumn and Holiday Catalogs online

Solar Water Fountains!

In CrystalBay's New 2002 Sun & Water online catalog and gift guide.

Visit our Home and Garden center for non-toxic gardening and solar yard lights.

Order the Ocean Dangle Anklet here.
Click to see larger dolphin pendant.*Tilt halter top sundresss
New! Ocean Dangle Anklet $15.30
CrystalBay Amber Treasures
Sterling Silver Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Unicorns, necklaces, anklets and more!

Merchant & Professional Shops

Natural Clothing - Featuring organic cotton and durable hemp.
Amber Treasures - Beautiful jewelry at the beach.
Designer Fragrances - Your favorite designer perfumes at savings below retail!
Fun 'n Games - Games, software, hardware, tips.
Professional Services - computer and internet services.

These are just a small sampling of the special shops that you'll find throughout CrystalBay.net. You'll also find sporting goods, swim suits, and marine inspired gifts at the beach. (Try virtual diving there too!) And a selection of products for energy self-sufficiency, home and garden supplies, and natural health and beauty and renewable energy goods in the Solar Village. Art lovers will want to check out our Online Galleries for Fantasy and Medieval art, garden statuary, our Undersea Gallery, Gothic artifacts, beautiful angels, and more! Want a special gift quick? Order a CrystalBay.net e-Gift Certificate.

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Send a smile with a free musical greeting card from CrystalBay.net.

Click to see the Blue Cherub plate
Have a virtual mocha on us.

Hang out with our Freedom Writers, get some inspiration, and voice your opinions on humanitarian issues in our Internet Cafe.

Little children love this Pokemon Bedding!
For fun Pokemon activities and gifts, see World of Pokemon.

Buy beautiful Baltic Amber jewelry and sterling silver wildlife necklaces in Amber Treasures on the Virtual Beach. While you're there, why not try online virtual scuba diving?

Hope you enjoy your visit! Here's a handy map if you want to explore.