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The Legend of St. Hubertus

Traditional Germanic Legend
This legend from 600 A.D. still plays a part in many people's lives in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Scandinavia, and neighboring areas. Brotherhoods, churches, scout troops, music groups, and many people carry Hubert's name or a version thereof.

For "Jopa" Haase. Who was he? An older gentleman who stayed behind -- in the spirit of St. Hubertus -- to care for animals when the family was forced from their forefather's homeland in a little village near Elbing in Prussia, Germany. His wife, daughter and her four little children left through the snow blanketed forest with some food and possessions tied to a sled.

Great grandfather, a civilian, was murdered by soldiers who came through the village destroying all in their path.

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"Die Gedanken Sind Frei" (Thoughts are Free) goes back to the German peasant wars of the 1600s. It has been sung as a non-violent protest song throughout the ages by those seeking freedom and peace such as the White Rose. 

The Legend of St. Hubertus

Legend has it Hubertus, born in the seventh century, seeks comfort and distraction on lonely hunts after the death of his beloved wife Princess Floribana in childbirth.

One Christmas Eve, he encounters on one of these hunts the wondrous image of a splendid red albino stag carrying a shining cross between its antlers. Through this vision, Hubert is moved to transform his life. He lays down his high ranks of office and distributes his wealth among the poor and the church.

St. Hubertus has been the patron saint of hunters and animal protectionists (Tierschutzverein) in northern Europe who attempt to honor him by sharing their feasts with townspeople, holding charity fundraising  festivals and being responsible for the care of animals on their lands, both domestic and wild.

When a buck was hunted, hunters through the ages have placed a pallium, or a small branch of evergreen, or if none is available, oak, in the mouth of the fallen game. This is done as an offering of the Last Bite, signifying a final salute to the animal and symbolically giving back to GOD " the soul which I receive from Him." If food was scarce in the winter, he would go out to the forest to provide it for the animals.

He valued his loyal hunting dogs though often they went to the forest not to hunt, but to be a part its wonder. Through honoring the forest's creatures, he honored the creator. He felt a responsibility to all animals and could not let an animal suffer needlessly. 

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